Huan Tag and Ring [Basic]


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Some dogs are timid. Others love to chase Squirrels. Some hate fireworks and some dogs swear Skateboards are their mortal enemy.

Whatever it is, your dog has plenty of reasons to run – and sometimes, they run just a little too far. But you’re responsible – you got Huan!

This is our basic Huan Tag – No matter if your dog is tiny, huge, or actually a Cat. One size fits all.

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Boring specs:

  • BLE5 – 400% range increase from previous generations (impressive, right?!).
  • Compatible with the Huan Pet Protection Network and all Smartphones.
  • Fully replaceable battery that lasts for up to a year.
  • Water, weather, and mud roll resistant.
  • GUARANTEED – Comes with a year long warranty. We’ll replace it even if your dog decides it’s their new favorite chew toy.