We're building a nationwide network to keep your pets safe at home.

Huan Smart Tags connect your pets to the Pet Protection Network, helping you find them if they ever go missing.

A mobile app to help you keep them safe.

The Huan Mobile app lets you create a detailed pet profile and notifies you if they’re ever detected away from home, or away from you.

The Huan network is augmented by Huan sensors.

Huan Sensors are deployed in public locations, and are designed to quickly detect missing pets. They are active 24/7, ready to protect your pets.

The Huan network also includes mobile pet sensors.

This type of sensors is deployed in cars driving around town to further extend coverage, detecting pet signals in real time.

The Huan pet protection network keeps your pets safe.

Using our growing community of users and the sensor network, we can detect missing pets before they’re lost, preventing heartbreak and giving you peace of mind. 

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