Frequently Asked Questions

Microchipping your pet is passive, not active. Someone needs to find your pet and then take them to a place for the microchip to be read.

If your pet is lost with no human contact or humans for whatever reason don’t get the microchip read, then it’s not going to do anything.

Huan aims to create a network that can find your pet automatically, without needing to capture them first. 

No! Huan Tags offer GPS-free location alerts using the Huan Pet Protection Network. We decided to use this technology for several reasons:

  1. Huan Tags are small and cute! GPS collars are big and bulky, and do not fit small dogs or cats very well.
  2. Huan Tags can last up to a full year on a single coin-cell battery. GPS collars require constant battery recharging.
  3. Huan Tags are simple and affordable. GPS collars require complicated cellular radios, big batteries, and data plans, which makes them very expensive. 
  4. Most pet owners do not require 24/7 tracking of their pets. Huan is designed to provide a safe, reliable way to alert you when your pet has escaped, and give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. 
  5. Huan Tags are safe. They do not emit harmful cellular radiation, and can be safely worn by pets.

Yes! Just like other network-based apps (Waze or Instagram, for example) Huan users benefit from the size of the user network. Inviting others to join Huan can make your pets safer, as well as increase coverage for other pet owners, making their pets safer.

Huan Tags transmit a signal that can be received by any smartphone or Huan Sensor. If your pet is ever detected by the Huan community while they’re away from you, you will receive an instant notification and the Huan App will show you where your pet was detected. You can even mark your pet as “Lost” to broadcast a missing pet alert to your entire community, and make your pets’ last known location visible on the map, enabling other users to contact you.

Huan Tags contain a small Bluetooth Low Energy long-range transmitter with a very long battery life. These tags transmit a signal that can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan App installed, as well as Huan Sensors. In our testing, Huan Tags routinely achieve ranges of over 300ft from the nearest smartphone. 

We named Huan after the character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth (The Lord of  The Rings, anyone?). Huan was a great Wolfhound, the “Captain of Dogs”, and could speak three times.

Huan Sensors are currently being tested in the Los Angeles area, and we will soon publish a detailed list of locations.

Huan Tags come in two different designs in order to fit almost every collar style. 

  1. Huan Collar Sleeves fit collars up to 1″ wide and can stretch over wide buckles.
  2. Huan Hanging Tags can securely fit any collar using the included metal ring.

No! As soon as your lost pet comes in range of their phones, the Huan App will wake up and alert you that your missing pet has been detected. This works even if their phone is in their pocket or purse!

So are we! We take privacy very seriously. Huan is completely private and does not show your pets’ location on the map to anyone but you and your pets’ co-owners. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, and your location is never tracked.

You can easily start your own community by inviting your friends and neighbors to download the app, posting on social media, and being an ambassador for the service. One town recently got hundreds of dog owners to join Huan just by posting about the app in their Facebook group. They created a community out of nothing, which can be done easily. You can create your own community, too!

No! The only other people who will register your pet on their app are the pet’s co-owners. If your dog or cat goes missing, other Huan users will automatically receive an alert when the pet is nearby. 

In general, a missing pet’s Smart Tag will alert a Huan app or Sensor user when the pet is detected within 300 feet. Sometimes that distance may vary by more or less.

No. Huan will not run in the background on your phone. It will automatically alert you only when a missing pet is detected within 300 feet of your app. Otherwise, the app sleeps until it receives a signal.

No. Unlike GPS devices, Huan Smart Tags do not emit radiation. Instead, they are Bluetooth devices that emit a low, harmless signal that is safe for your pet. 

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