About Huan

Meet Gilad. Gilad Rom founded Huan after almost losing his dog, Puppy Pie.

When he’s not swimming in Antarctica or crossing Siberia by train, Gilad enjoys building complex distributed systems and making the world a better place for pets and their owners.

Origin Story

Meet Puppy P. Pie. Puppy is a happy rescue dog who lives in Southern California with his rescue dad, Gilad.

Huan’s story began when Puppy somehow managed to magically escape from a locked house in a strange town. Trying to find me, he ran around in traffic, chased by strangers, dodging cars and feeling terrified.

Where was I? I was eating dinner a block away, completely unaware of the drama unfolding up the street, and thinking my dog was safely locked inside the AirBnb I left him in. I made sure he was safe! (or so I thought…)

I left his bed in the room, so he knows that’s home for the night. Put out food and water for him to eat and rest. Made sure the owners knew I’m leaving my dog there, and that no one else is scheduled to arrive. Walked around and made sure there’s no dog door or open back door. Locked the front door with a padlock. Went on to have dinner, feeling secure that my dog is safe and fully expecting him to be exactly where I left him when I got back.

What actually happened: The owner’s parents showed up unannounced and opened the door, surprising my dog, who immediately ran out to look for me in a strange place. 

They were surprised and confused, and my dog was missing. And I had no idea. 

Can you imagine my surprise as I found him quietly sitting by my car, out on the street, as I was walking back to the house? I can only describe that feeling as deep confusion, followed by a tsunami of “what if’s”. What if he had taken the wrong turn? What if he had gotten hit by a car? picked up by animal control? Or a stranger?

After sharing my story and realizing how many responsible dog owners had a version of their own, I realized something needed to be done. There has to be a better way than putting up flyers and calling the shelter, hoping some kind stranger finds your lost pet before something happens.

This is how Huan began – and where we started our journey to end pet homelessness once and for all.