Origin Story

Huan’s mission is to keep a watchful eye over your pet and to return them home safely if they go missing. 
A big misconception pet owner’s share is that they don’t think their pet could ever escape and end up missing. Gilad had this misconception as well until it happened to him and his dog, Puppy.
Gilad and Puppy were staying at an Airbnb in an unfamiliar city. While Gilad was at dinner the parents of the Airbnb’s owner came over and opened the front door not knowing there was a guest staying at the property. Puppy got scared, panicked and ran out of the front door and down the street. The parents were unsuccessful in their rescue attempt. Fortunately, when Gilad returned he found Puppy sitting by his car. Thankfully, this scenario had a happy outcome.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end like Gilad and Puppy’s story. Situations like this can happen to anyone at anytime. Dogs go missing by slipping out of their harnesses while on walks with owners, with dog walkers, with pet services and kennels, when your friend opens the front door, the UPS guy, housekeeper, guest, child, gardener, landlord or even if your home is broken into.
In addition, dogs often panic and run from loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, sirens and they can jump off balconies or patios or chew their way through screens and off to the hills they go.
Needless to say, there are countless scenarios!
Sadly, when pets go missing their owners spend hours if not days stapling “Missing” signs to telephone poles, calling every shelter in town or constantly scouring social media looking for their missing pets. This can be an exhausting process and not very rewarding.
The truth is, as much as we may think we know our pets, they are still “unpredictable animals.”

Why Huan

That’s why there’s Huan!
A network of like-minded people who are dedicated to preventing heartbreak. Huan is the first of its kind in pet locating services that combines Technology with the power of a Social Network.
Through personal experience and research, we at Huan have found that combining both, Technology and a Social Network, make for a higher success rate when locating and returning lost pets.
Huan is as easy as:
  1. Install the app
  2. Create a profile for your pet
  3. Attach the tag

Use the Huan app to be instantly alerted if your pet is having a solo adventure while you’re out having dinner, check-in while being stuck in traffic, keep track of their daily walk while you’re at your desk, or organize a search party for your neighbor’s lost dog.

Huan’s signal allows you to know where your pet is even when they’re invisible to the human eye.

Please be a responsible pet owner and help us make the world a safer place.

Join the movement today.
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